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An interesting story!
Through the ages, the coastal area of southern Andalusia, called the Costa del Sol today, has been invaded
by both hostile and peaceful peoples and warlords. The first people to settle in the area were the Phoenicians.
Among other things, they became known for introducing viticulture, more specifically the sherry type of wine,
which was grown in the area around Jerez de la Frontera.
Then came the Romans who incorporated Spain defended. Unfortunately, the relatively flat coastal land was easy
to invade. For this reason, the Romans built their fortifications in the mountains above. One such fortress is Gaucin.
Those who periodically travel along the coast will discover several towers called “Cascos”. These represent the
Romans' equivalent of modern-day phones or e-mails; their fast line of communication. When something suspicious was discovered at sea, the guard in the tower lit a fire, then the next one along the line did the same, and then
the next one and next one and so on. Within a few minutes, the soldiers in at the Fort in Gaucin knew what was
going on and thus had enough time to prepare their defence.
It then took several days for enemy troops to march up to Gaucin on the paved Roman road.
Parts of this road still exist today.
The snow-capped mountains around the Alcornocales - Grazalema and Sierra de las nieves National Park were easy to defend. Here, there was often guerrilla war between the mountain peaks and individual boulders. Even the Vikings made valiant attempts to attack Andalusia. The Vikings were successful thanks to their small, flat-bottomed boats that could make their way up the rivers. However, the Roman emperor was clever and offered the Vikings service as a guard force. They were paid well and granted very beneficial terms, including free access to women. Many of the Vikings settled there.
After the Romans, the Moors arrived and introduced Islam and with it new restrictions.
Viticulture, for example, was banned. The Muslims have left many traces behind in Andalusia.
Many of the villages, the so-called white villages in the mountains, have Arabic names: Algatocin, Benarabban,
Arriete, etc. The large port city of Algeciras is also Arabic and means free trade area.
The Moors were expelled by the Spaniards in 1492. One of the last overnight places for the Moors before the
Spaniards drove them to Morocco is called Puerto del Negro, a place that is exactly on the land of Bodega Cezar.
I would like to tell you more about this when you visit the bodega.
Other groups that have ravaged are the Bandoleros. They were robbers, smugglers who, like Pancho Villa
in Mexico, ruled the mountains. They were hated by the rulers but loved by the mountain people as they
acted a bit like Robin Hood. Every year, there is a fiesta to celebrate Los Bandoleros who saved Gaucin from
being occupied by the French. The fiesta is worth a visit today.

History about the area - Serrania de Ronda

Good Andalusian wine and good
Category A+
Minimum cost € 840 per group (up to 6 guests). € 140 for each additional guest, for a total of 43 guests. Included is a tour of the property and the facilities, tapas lunch, tasting of the vineyard’s wines and a 3-course menu in the evening with accompanying wine package. (view menu). Time 12:00-about 16:00. Dinner is served at 19:00. The restaurant closes at 21.30. Including accomodation at Cortijo Larios, the total price is € 190/guest, category A+ which includes accommodation and breakfast. Minimum 4 people.
Category A
€ 500 per group (up to 10 people). Additional visitors cost € 50 per person, with a maximum of 43 people. The price includes a tour of the estate and the production facility, sampling of the wines of the estate including a tapas lunch with hot and cold tapas. Starts at 12 p.m., estimated end 4 p.m
Category B
€ 320 per group (up to 8 people, all-inclusive). Additional visitors cost € 40 per person, with a maximum of 43 people. The price includes a tour of the estate and the production facility, sampling of the wines of the estate including a hot meal and snacks. Starts at 12 p.m., estimated end 4 p.m.
Category C
Wine tasting. Applies only in the farm shop and for groups of at least five people. For only € 20/person, you can try three of our delicious wines, and in addition we offer you a simple snack (note: no tapas).
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Delicious wines at good prices! Worth a visit. The shop is open all year round, from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Here you will find all the delicacies of the vineyard and even more!
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